I know food, ask anyone.

Food has pretty much always been my thing. So much that I got a few degrees in it. From growing it, to cooking it, to eating it… even making magnets about it.

I’ve spent my life learning food so that I can pass it on to others. Sure, learning a recipe is cool, but learning about the ingredients and processes themselves gives you the ability to move outside the bounds, and have more freedom in the kitchen. That’s what I’ve always been about.

Got a food or gardening question? Want me to cook you dinner or teach you how to cook your favorite meal? Just want to say hello? Drop me a line below…


Helping individuals create more efficient relationships with their local food systems ~ so whether you need help cooking in the kitchen or want to grow your first garden, I offer an array of services to meet all your food needs.

Kitchen Consulting

In-home consulting services for families & individuals ~ great for when you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change, want to increase your confidence in the kitchen, or even welcoming a new member to the family and want to ensure your kitchen is fully functional.

Gardening & Sustainability Guidance

We’ve learned a lot of lessons this past year, one of them being the true fragility of our food systems. Growing and preserving food at home is not only satisfying, but an important part of reclaiming our food security.

Product Launch

Often it can be the regulatory red tape that makes launching your specialty food product feel unattainable. With my background in food safety and regulation, I can create a simple roadmap and guidance to making your food product dream a reality.

Small Business Support

  • Regulatory & Food Safety Guidance
  • Sustainability Improvement
  • Value Opportunity Assessment  
  • Brand & Marketing Strengthening

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