Spicy Corn & Jalapeno Chowder

Soup season continues! It’s another chilly overcast day and I was craving something hearty that could feed me tonight, tomorrow, and probably the next day too. Soup is such a great meal prep item because it’s delicious the first night, and just gets better over the next few days. I added spicy sausage to this recipe but you can easily make it vegan or vegetarian by skipping the meat and swapping out a few simple ingredients. Most chowder recipes call for flour, but I think its unnecessary as the potatoes and corn have natural starches that help to thicken it up while it cooks. The spice in the jalapeños is calmed down by roasting, so this recipe isn’t too spicy, just delightfully warm!

For this recipe you’ll need ~

3 1/2 cups of corn – this is a loose measurement. If it’s peak corn season, cut those kernels right off the cob, otherwise I will use a bag of frozen (like I did for this recipe) or canned.
1 large russet potato, medium dice
1 yellow onion, diced
3 garlic cloves, minced
3 medium jalapeños
4 cups of stock – I use chicken broth, but you can also use vegetable stock to keep it vegetarian or vegan.
1/2 cup heavy cream or your choice of diary alternative
Optional – 1 lb of bacon or sausage.

Before starting the soup, roast those jalapeños. This will help to calm down the heat so the soup has a nice balance of spice without being overwhelming. The simplest way to do this is throw them whole on a sheet and bake them in the oven for 15 or so minutes at 375 degrees. I have a little toaster oven I baked them in, that way I didn’t have to preheat the oven for 3 jalapeños. Once they’re cooked let them cool and then deseed and chop.

In a large pot get your bacon or sausage cooking down and render out the fat (if you are opting out of meat for this recipe, add a splash of olive oil for fat). Once meat is cooked remove and set aside. Add the onion and garlic and sweat for a few minutes. Add in the corn, potatoes, jalapeños and season with salt and pepper. Add your broth and sausage and bring up to a low simmer.

After 15 minutes check the potatoes and adjust for seasoning. You will probably need to add a bit more salt because potatoes will absorb a fair amount of it. Add the cream and bring back up to a low simmer.

If using bacon, add crumbles to the top before serving. Enjoy with fresh bread or as-is!

Fresh made roasted garlic bread. A friend gave me their fool-proof bread recipe and I’ve been on a bit of a roll.

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