Friendly Bread

I call this friendly bread because its pretty much for everyone, whether you're low carb, keto, or gluten free. It's also so simple to make, just comes together in only a few minutes. This dough is also so versatile. You can add cheese, fresh herbs, sprinkle it with everything seasoning or bake it in a [...]

Zucchini Lasagne

One of my go-to dinner recipes, especially this time of year when I've been completely overrun by zucchinis.  This is a perfect meal prep dish you can make for the week, or even make an extra one to freeze for another time. This recipe can also be made vegetarian, just skip the meat and add some [...]

GF PB&J Cookies

Made these cookies yesterday and they were just so good I had to share the recipe. I had plans to hang with a friend at the river, and texting the night before I mentioned I would make him some gluten free PB cookies for his b-day (plus river snax). I completely spaced on the cookies [...]

Free Virtual Garden Consults!

There's nothing I look forward to more every summer than growing fruits and veggies. As a chef, I'm always so inspired by what I have growing right outside my door. The summer becomes a fun sort of mystery box challenge where I get to see what new things have magically ripened overnight and how to [...]

Not so Food Secure

I've always been amazed at the wealth of options in the grocery store. Not just the sheer amount of products, but how reliably cheap most basics are. In some cases it even feels slightly ridiculous at the variety we have in our stores. It never ceases to amaze me that there's an entire aisle just [...]