Foodies I Follow

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite and most inspiring food bloggers to answer all of your recipes needs!

If you are looking for amazing & easy to follow authentic Lebanese recipes then look no further. Cosette is a mother of 3 living in the PNW, and is 100% Lebanese. She credits her parents with her inspiration, growing up in a household always surrounded by delicious food.

Candice of Proportional Plate creates beautiful recipes for all kinds of eaters. She understands how toxic our modern diet culture is and works to remove the stigma attached to enjoying food!

Salima’s allergy friendly recipes are perfect for anyone (like myself) who can’t eat gluten but wants to still eat everything! Her website is organized by specific allergen so it’s super easy to navigate. Her website also features many of her Moroccan & Puerto Rican family dishes.

NYC based, and seasonally inspired, Crystal’s dishes are elegant and beautifully shot. All of her recipes are a real showcase of the ever-changing seasonal ingredients available to us.

As her website name may suggest, Erin’s favorite cooking method is a braise, food cooked to perfection low and slow. She’s worked in Portland restaurants and her delicious looking recipes reflect the fresh flavors of the PNW.